Admission requirements

The admittance to the MS in Geophysics requires the possession of curricular requirements relating to the first-level degree, the skills and knowledge acquired in specific scientific-disciplinary sectors, as well as the possession of adequate personal preparation.
The mathematical, physical and computer disciplines constitute the methodological substrate used in the geophysical field. Adequate knowledge of these disciplines is provided by many first-level university courses in science and engineering. Therefore, to be admitted to the MS in Geophysics, the student must hold a scientific or engineering degree (Laurea), according to the system governed by DM 270/04 or DM 509/99, or other qualification obtained abroad recognized as suitable based on current legislation, which satisfies the following minimum curricular requirements:
at least 60 credits in total, in the following scientific-disciplinary sectors (SSD): physics (FIS/01-08); mathematics (MAT/01-09); statistics (SECS-S/01-02); computer science (INF/01); information engineering (ING-INF/01-05, 07); chemistry (CHIM/01-07, 12); geosciences (GEO/01-12); civil engineering (ICAR/01-03, 06-09); industrial engineering (ING-IND/01-07, 09-12, 18-20, 28-30);
of which at least
- 15 credits in scientific-disciplinary sectors of physics and geosciences (FIS/01-08; GEO/01-12);
- 15 credits in scientific disciplinary fields of mathematics and computer science (MAT/01-09 and SECS-S/01-02; INF/01 and ING-INF/05).
The above criteria are met by graduates in Laurea (bachelor) degree courses of the class L-30 - Physical sciences and technologies and in many degree courses of the class L-34 - Geological sciences, including the Laurea in Scienze geologiche of the Università degli Studi di Milano.
The applicant must also have an adequate level of knowledge of the English language, comparable with the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for the knowledge of languages (CEFR).
For all categories of candidates, the adequate personal preparation of applicants and the ability to communicate effectively in English are crucial elements for admission and are verified by the admission commission as specified below.
A syllabus illustrating the knowledge of physics, mathematics and computer science required for admission can be downloaded from the following link:

The admission commission is entrusted with the following tasks:
a. Verification of the minimum curricular requirements, which have been indicated above, for candidates holding an Italian qualification;
b. Verification of the correspondence between course units, in terms of credits and educational content, and of the minimum curricular requirements for students holding a qualification issued by a foreign university;
c. Evaluation of the previous study curriculum of the individual applicant and decision on the need for an in-depth interview;
d. Evaluation of the student's personal preparation and adequate knowledge of the English language, through the interview, when deemed necessary;
e. Evaluation of the possible recognition of credits for students who have already obtained a MS degree or a first or second level university master's degree, for which it is therefore possible to plan a short study course;
f. Conclusion of the verification of the adequacy of the student's initial preparation with admission or non-admission; any non-admission must be adequately motivated.
Knowledge of the English language is not assessed if the student holds an official certification, dating back no more than three years before the application, which certifies a knowledge of at least B2 level of the CEFR or if he/she holds a bachelor's degree, or equivalent qualification issued abroad, referring to a study course taught in English.
Call and deadlines


Application for admission: from 22/01/2024 to 31/10/2024

Application for matriculation: from 08/04/2024 to 15/01/2025

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Admission notice

Please note

Non-EU students visa applicants are required to apply for admission no later than 30 April 2024. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be evaluated and it will in no case be possible to request the refund of the admission fee.

Further information

For students enrolled on bachelor’s, master’s and single cycle degree programmes are divided into two instalments of different amounts and with different payment deadlines:

  • the first, corresponding to the minimum amount, is the same for all students 
  • the second - technically referred to as an ‘all-inclusive fee’-  that is variable.

The University provides:

  • no tax area for students on track with exams and not on track with exams for one year with ISEE certification until 30.000 €.
  • Fees exemption on account of merit, income or disability, or if they meet other specific requirements;
  • Concessions for students meeting high merit requirements;
  • Diversified tuition fees according to the student's home country for international students with assets/income abroad;
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