Places and facilities


The programme is based in Milan, on via Mangiagalli 34.


  • Parona, Stoppani, Taramelli, Chiesa, Di Napoli; Department of Earth Sciences "Ardito Desio", via Mangiagalli 34
  • Geofisica; Department of Earth Sciences "Ardito Desio", via Cicognara 7
  • A, B, C, D, E; Department of Earth Sciences "Ardito Desio", via Botticelli 23
  • D, E, G, I, L, T, U; Department of Physics "Aldo Pontremoli", via Celoria 16
  • 100 - 405; Celoria teaching sector, via Celoria 26
  • G1 - G40; Golgi teaching sector, via Golgi 19
  • 600 - 603; Pascal teaching sector, via Pascal 36-38

Department of earth science “A. Desio”
Via Luigi Mangiagalli 34 - 20133 Milano

  • Location of via Botticelli 23 - 20133 Milano:
    Mineralogy, Petrography, Geochemistry, Ore Deposits
  • Location of via Cicognara 7 - 20133 Milano:
  • Location of via Mangiagalli 34 - 20133 Milano:
    Geology, Palaeontology, Geography, Geomorphology

“A. Desio” Earth Sciences Library

The “A. Desio” Library serves the faculty and students of the degree programmes in Geological Sciences and Natural Sciences. It plays a key role in research, teaching and documentation in all earth sciences disciplines (geology, palaeontology, geophysics, mineralogy, petrography, geochemistry and mineral deposits). It is also a valued resource for scholars, geologists and professionals in the Milan area. Of particular importance is the collection of geological and topographical maps, including the historic “Carta Geologica d'Italia” and extensive miscellanea.